Twitter idea -
Make all your posts in haiku.
More thought provoking.

Tibetan prayer flags
Adorn the old-west wood porch.
Happiness inside.

Five geese in a row
Waddle toward the shoreline.
Ice reflects the sun.

Ducks paddle their feet
Under sparkling blue-white waves.
Thoughts of flight subside.

Style in the suburbs
Does not always have to be
An oxymoron.

What they don't tell you
At the new L.A. car wash:
Joy comes from within.

A Buddha sits still
Under an apricot tree
Not at all fruitless.

Crisp, dry desert wind
Blows through the moonlit canyon.
Leaves stretch in the glow.

The sculpted hillsides
Give way to waves of sameness
Broken by one thought.

Tall brown barren trees
Stand like naked warriors
Protecting the plains.