Pooch Pumpkins

We’re carving pumpkins like crazy around here. The only problem is, I like cute and my little girl likes scary. As in creepy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.12.49 AMNot a problem though. We found the one design we both love. Drum roll…wait for it…yes, that’s right! Dog pumpkin portraits.
Who would have thought. It sounds hard to do but it is really simple with a stencil download from Better Homes and Gardens.
Just go to their web site and look under their blogs. You will see a little Dachshund standing next to a pumpkin carved in his likeness. They have a great assortment of dog breeds listed.
So Cute. So simple. Here are a couple tips though.

1. Make sure you have it positioned so you can see the whole doggie face from to to bottom. Remember you can increase or decrease the size before you print.

2. Always get your tools together befor you start. That’s just a life rule that applies to about anything. Don’t you think?

You may have to get creative when it comes to a scraping tool. If you don’t have a linoleum block cutter handy (and who does) you can use a citrus zester and a screw driver.

3. When they say to clean out as much pumpkin from the inside wall as possible they mean business. Do it and the whole project is easier. But not the entire pumpkin wall, just where the portrait is.

4. Have fun! It’s Halloween.

They are so cute you’ll want to keep them around through Thanksgiving. And why not. Enjoy and good luck. Let me know how it goes for you.


Happy Halloween!

We all know that it is not Thanksgiving that opens up the holiday season anymore. Halloween is the marker for the onset of Fabulousness to begin. In just this past week I’ve looked at my calendar and gasped at all the parties and events happening in the next two weeks…Procrastination will only take you so far.

So you may be asking yourself…hmmm, What should I bring as a hostess gift? Or do I even need to bring one at all?  OK, I’ve got your back. The answer is homemade dog biscuits! They’re perfect. Not expensive but being homemade they show you care. If your party hosts do not have a dog, well that’s a whole new Opra and you may want to rethink your relationship. Kidding. I like cats and birds too. We even have a guinea pig. No pets at all though could be a sign of trouble.

OK, enough, here’s the recipe:

Dog Bones
2 1/2 cups    whole-wheat flour
1/2cup       nonfat dry milk-powdered (good for earthquake stash kit, too)
1 tea.          sugar
1 tea.          salt
6 table.      butter ( no wonder they love them)
1                egg

Mix ingredients with about 1/2 cup of cold water. Knead for 3 minutes. Dough should form a ball. Roll to 1/2″ thick and cut with dog bone cookie cutters. Bake on a lightly greased cookie sheet for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Optional ingredients:
Add powered chicken beef bouillon dried soup greens of dried soup mix. If you add these, I would eliminate  the 1 teas. of salt.

There you go. Drop some of them in little plastic bags tie with a ribbon and viola!

You can find really cool dog shaped cookie cutters at Sur La Table. They have many different breeds, dog houses bones and even a fire hydrant.


Sleeping Buddy

Have you ever heard the expression, “if you sleep with dogs you get flees?” Well, this may or may not be true. What I can commit  to is that if you sleep with dogs…

They sleep… you don’t.

sleeping_buddy_watercolorCase in point, our cute, little, white, fluffy dog, Buddy. He came to us during Christmas four years ago.  At bedtime he hopped in with me and snuggled right up. I’ve never had a snuggly dog before. It was heaven. Buddy tucked his nose under my head by my ear and I could hear his tiny little puppy breaths. Darling.

I haven’t had a good nights rest since.

“Kick him out!” I can hear you and my mother say.

Not an option. My heart won’t allow it. Coffee and art are my only answers.

Webster’s Big Adventure

So our friends were traveling across the country in their RV when they saw a dog on the side of the freeway. Of course they pulled over to investigate. What they found was a very anxious dog
more than ready to climb into their RV.
webster. 300pxWHe was hungry, tired and sick. Someone had “dumped” him on the freeway. Who would do a thing like that? Pray for these people for they are very sick and broken.

Anywhoo, this particular dog scored big time when the Glazner’s picked him up. They took him to the closest vet. He had heartworms, of course. They posted signs, emails, etc. to find his owners… no response…imagine that.

They fed this starving dog. cleaned his tick infestation and started medicating the heartworm issue. Fast forward several months and he now has a home with The Glazner’s where he is fed a healthy diet,  walked three times daily, has his choice of dog cushions to choose from and many webster300pxWtoys. But most of all he is loved… greatly. Oh, and did I mention that when he is not touring the country in an RV he relaxes at home with his people who live by a park in Santa Fe, NM.

His name should have been Lucky but they chose Webster. Here he is in a watercolor I painted of him. Good boy.

I didn’t find this painting expressive enough so I did another. This time I used a new technique. It involves layers of papers and fabrics with melted wax. After the layering I simply drew Webster’s picture with paint over the patterns. I find it much more interesting and interpretive. Tell me what you think.

It Begins

So I have decided to paint dogs. You know like dog portraits. But I want to do it in a professional artist sort of way, or at least as professional as I can get. What I need now is a client, customer, patron whatever. I need someone to agree to pay me for my service.

I call my friend Julie, very nice person, and I hit her up. Julie, I say, how bout I paint your dogs and you pay me money. I only ask her because she is honest and straight foreword and I can trust she’ll honestly say whether or not she’s interested. Well, she didn’t hang up on me but she did say, ” Oh that’s my daughter on the other line calling from Mexico, can I call you later?” Hmm, I think, you could have just said no! But Julie being the nice person that she is calls right
back and says, “Sure Rhonda I would love for to you to paint my dogs,” and I am off and running.

So, two and a half weeks later I have a portrait of her very adorable yorkies.